I’m delighted to say that I’ve been successful in securing a place on Contemporary Visual Arts Network North West’s critical writing programme.

Having attended the first workshop two weeks ago, I’m looking forward to engaging further with the other writers, workshop coordinators and programme partners.

More updates soon but here’s some contextual information:

Contemporary Visual Arts Network North West (CVAN NW) is offering 25 writers the opportunity to undertake a programme of six critical writing workshops and be awarded a £300 bursary.

The workshop and bursary programme is delivered in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Central Lancashire, through the In Certain Places scheme (www.incertainplaces.org), alongside four leading critical writing platforms in the North West – The Double Negative, Creative Tourist, Art in Liverpool, and Culture on a Shoestring.

They will be facilitated by specialists in the fields of writing, publication and distribution, both print and online, including Joanne Lee, Chris Sharratt, Bob Dickinson, Gerrie Van Noord, Sophia Crilly and Laura Robertson. The workshop programme will cover key areas in relation to critical writing including form and function, social media, self-distrubution, online and print media, and relationships with galleries.

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