Processing newspaper

The Processing newspaper was crowdfunded newspaper that brought together more in-depth writing from the artists and photographers.

You can download the Processing newspaper using this link.

The newspaper was funded through the generosity and support of contributors to an online crowdfunding campaign during April and May 2013. We extend our warmest thanks to: Adrienne Rennick | Alice McCoy | Amro Gebreel | Ann Bukantas | Anna Kronenburg | Beth Harvey | Brian Welsh | Caroline Fernandez | Caroline Maclennan | Charlotte Keenan | Clare Casey | Dan Makaveli | David Lockwood | Deborah Podmore | Denise Courcoux | Elaine Roach | Emma Kelly | Emma M Weissensteiner | Gail Kenwright | Glyn Akroyd | Gul Turner | Hannah Fray | Henry Graham Bennett | Iain Yell | Ian Fitzpatrick | Ian and Minako Jackson | Jack Welsh | Jamie-leigh Hargreaves | Jenny Porter | Joan Burnett | John Podmore | Karen Newman | Kenn Taylor | Kerry Davies | Kevin Casey | Laura Sillars | Lucy Johnson | Lynda Casey | Mark Anderton | Maurice Carlin | Melanie Graham | Natalie Bradbury | Neil Grant | Nick Malyan | Nicole Rennick | Peng Zhang | Phil Olsen | Rabindra Singh | Rachel Goodsall | Rita McCoy | Sakura | Samuel Wynne | Sara-Jayne Parsons | Steve Brown | Steve McCoy | Stewart J Scott | Suzanne Allen | Tadhg Devlin | Thomas McCoy | Valentina Orru | Vanessa Bartlett | Washington Buckley

Artists: Kevin Casey, Stephen King, and McCoy Wynne
Writers: Kenn Taylor, Linda Pitwood, Joni Karanka,
Produced by Kevin Casey and Jack Welsh
Curated by Jack Welsh

Processing, was an exercise of collaboration between writers responding to the works in progress of 4 Liverpool photographers. The Arts Council funded exhibition and crowdfunded newspaper was produced for the Look/13 International Photography Festival at The Cornerstone Gallery. Processing is a term constantly used in photography terminology and practice. The project gave photographers, writers and viewers an opportunity to experiment with form and narrative and give an essential need for critique for developing work in a gallery context with an international audience.