Selected artwork (before 2010)

  • Under The Grey Rainbow (2010)

  • Boer (2009)

  • Once More (With Cognitive Feeling) (2009)

  • Nuneaton (2008)

  • Consiliare (2008)

  • Signal (2007)

  • Metropol (2007)

Under The Grey Rainbow (2010)

Tony Smith painting, gaffer tape, hardboard.

Boer (2009)

Cardboard, gloss paint, nails, wood

Once More (With Cognitive Feeling) (2009)

Wood, picture frame, rope, gloss paint, screws, nails.

Nuneaton (2008)

Found wood, gloss paint, nails, glue

Consiliare (2008)

Bedroom furniture set, wooden pallet, wood, gloss paint, nails

Image courtesy of Charlie Levine.

Metropol (2007)

Wooden boards, metal grid, sheet metal, acrylic and gloss paint, glue, nails, sound system

Fine Art Degree Exhibition, Liverpool John Moores University 2007

Signal (2007)

Folded metal, rust, chalk, paint.