March 21, 2010


I have spent a long and extremely rewarding week working on Collusion, the latest exhibition at Arena Gallery and one that I have been keen to bring to fruition for over a year. Collusion is a collaborative work between Rich White and Brychan Tudor, two artists who work within the realms of three dimensional space yet employ differing methods in their work. The process of the show involved the Rich and Brychan visiting Arena for a site visit earlier in the year. Both work by responding to the space where they will work and they both had a mutual interest in the history of the building as an old industrial building and its current manifestation as a sub sectioned multi use facility.

By building a structure that seems to twist within the room, they brought to attention the various guises of the building creating a environment that spatially overlaps and interrogatesĀ  their respective practice to offer an installation that truly explores the notion of ‘location specific’ practice.

Collusion is open until 3 April and I recommend seeing it. The next show at the gallery and the last one before I leave Arena is Proof which will feature new work by the Liverpool Illustrators.


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