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October 10, 2010

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Next week is the start of our Literature Festival at the Bluecoat. This year’s programme looks lively and as last year, looks set to offer a wide range of interesting and thoughtful approaches to literature and spoken word performances. Looking forward to the Polly Toynbee & David Walker discussion on the legacy of New Labour, Tilt’s Liverpool Liming – a carnival of spoken word and performance fused together with the carribean vibe and as ever Mercy’s always engaging festival closer Revolutions in Form.

After the festival my contract working on the literature team at the Bluecoat finishes bringing to a close a 14 month involvement with literature. Hours after Mercy have brought the curtain down, I will be in the departure lounge of Liverpool John Lennon airport (you can’t seem to get away from the man this week) ready to fly to Berlin. Reasons for this would be to recharge my batteries and see a friend but also to undertake some research for the projects I am working on for the studio when I return. It is no coincidence that I am currently reading Non Places by Marc Auge before this trip.

I will be spending the later part of the week traveling across Europe on rail. My interest in transport systems has been rekindled over the last few weeks and I will be taking my camera and a sketch pad with me. I shall be uploading my responses to the trip when I return, including having a go at uploading drawings to the site.

Let’s just hope I am not held by the authorities for paying too much attention to railway stations and airports, eh?


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